Consulting & Training

In addition to full service implementation, we provide specialized consulting & training services.

  • Business development & marketing strategy planning
  • Social media & digital strategy
  • Guidelines / Best Practices & training for marketing teams
  • Creative brainstorming sessions


Digital Strategy, SEO & Implementation

As strategic marketers, we have a lot more up our sleeves than the latest marketing fads. Our first priority is ensuring the viability of our clients’ digital marketing strategy. What results do you need to achieve? Why? How? We're known for challenging conventional thinking - and for award-winning, record-breaking, measurable results that drive sales, increase membership, and build brands.    

Here are some of the questions we can help you address:

  • How can we make sure we come up top in search results?  
  • Where does social media fit within a larger marketing program?
  • What is being said about us online?
  • Which communities should we engage?
  • What is the best way to measure online effectiveness?

We can create a digital strategy that will provide the best returns for your company, evaluate & fine-tune your existing program, or launch new online marketing initiatives.  We'll help make sure that your organization is poised for success in the digital world.

In addition to strategy, we provide execution services to carry out your online marketing and social media activities. 


Public Relations

We’ve helped our clients land placements in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Business Journal, Washington Times, Mashable, Yahoo!Green, and a wide variety of magazines and blogs in the environmental, parenting, and health sectors.   

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your existing PR program
  • Develop a strategic communications plan
  • Integrate traditional media relations with social media
  • Reach out to the right contacts and influencers


Social Media

4GreenPs has been having a love affair with social media since the "olden days" of 2006. We have a proven track record of success through social media marketing.  We provide services associated with all aspects of the social media world including strategy, content, & analsyis of campaigns to track our results.

  • Content Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogging) 
  • Finding (& building) social media communities
  • Paid and organic campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Metrics tracking and analysis 


Internet Marketing

Marketing on the web has unique opportunities and pitfalls compared to traditional marketing strategies. Let 4GreenPs be your guide to effective online marketing.  Our services include:

  • Advertising copy creation
  • Keyword optimization
  • Marketing via social media
  • Blogger outreach & blog marketing campaigns


Community Management

When you're online, you're part of a greater conversation. Community Management services help maintain and grow your online presence, fan base, and communicate more effectively.

  • Engage with your audience
  • Build your online community
  • Maintain your online presence & image
  • Reputation management


Content Creation

No matter what you're marketing, content is still king.  The best marketing strategies rely on the foundation of quality content - whether that's a product, service, or piece of information.  Especially when using blogs and social media, content creation is key for maintaining an effective online presence.

In addition to consulting services, our staff has expertise in writing and creating content tailored to your audience.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We've been engaged with SEO since 1997 - back when it was a radical idea!  Since then, SEO has become a requirement for any savvy marketing firm, and we make sure to stay on the leading edge.

SEO is crucial for making sure your messages reach the right people and have maximum impact.  We incorporate SEO strategy into all online content, from websites to blog posts.

  • Get found online
  • Optimize content to drive traffic
  • Attract your target audience


Inbound Marketing: Lead Generation Programs

4GreenPs is a certified Value Added Reseller of Hubspot's Inbound Marketing software, a powerful platform for creating & implementing online lead generation programs. 

  • Create optimized landing pages
  • Lead conversion support
  • Track & analyze campaigns


Integrated Marketing Communications

Key to our strategic marketing approach is a commitment to pursue the best tactic to reach our clients’ goals - online or off. For example, we've recommended broadcast radio spots and metro billboards to complement clients’ social media campaigns. It’s all about figuring out how to differentiate your message and reach your audience most effectively.


Integrated Sustainability Solutions

Integrated Sustainability Solutions™ is a suite of services and tools designed to bridge the gap between sustainability consulting and PR and marketing counsel.  A joint offering with 4GreenPs and sustainability consultancy Eco-Coach, the Integrated Sustainability Solutions™ offering combines the best practices of a large sustainability consulting and communications firm with the flexibility and responsiveness of a boutique firm.  Learn more here.