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And a New Blog is Born…

Posted by Lynn Miller on Mon, Sep 13, 2010

Three years after my personal blog changed the direction of my career and introduced me to a wonderful online community, I’m taking the plunge again.

With the launch today of The 4GreenPs Blog, I hope to explore the application of traditional marketing best practices to the world of sustainability communications: the bridge between “green marketing” and corporate social responsibility. We’ll cover the SmartGrid, greentech and cleantech marketing too, given their importance to combating climate change.

Too often, social entrepreneurs and eco-marketers self-segregate at eco-forums and confabs like BALLE, GreenFest and ExpoWest. It’s only natural, after all. There’s much to change in the world of traditional business: unsustainable production and packaging practices, and a laser-like focus on the Bottom Line, rather than the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet and Profit.

But we can’t ignore two important facts:

  1. The most successful businesses are expert at reaching consumers. While we might not like all of the products they hawk, they sure know how to do it. So why not learn from them, and adapt their unsustainable ways of doing business to the Triple Bottom Line world view?
  2. Nearly all companies now claim to be “green.” It doesn’t matter whether they’ve been pushed into practicing sustainability by eco-conscious consumer demand, by their insurers’ pressure to recognize the impending calamity of climate change, via employee pressure, or by an understanding that “green” practices save money and benefit the bottom line. We need to work with them, helping them to see all that is possible through the application of truly sustainable business practices.

Thanks for reading this far. I’m excited about my new blogging journey, and hope you share in that excitement too!

– Lynn

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