About 4GreenPs

Founded in 2006, 4GreenPs set out to combine the best in strategic marketing with impeccable execution and meaningful results. 

We deliver the buzz. But we start with the strategy.

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The 4GreenPs Team

Lynn Miller       Maryanne Conlin       Anca Novacovici

Lynn Anne Miller                    Maryanne Conlin                    Anca Novacovici

Founder & CEO                       Partner, Digital Strategy           Partner, Environmental

                                                                                                  Sustainability & CSR


Leslie Gilliam       Robyn Miller Tarnoff

Leslie Gilliam                         Robyn Miller-Tarnoff

Public Relations Specialist      Public Relations Specialist

4GreenPs Internships

4GreenPs offers internships to enthusiastic, qualified undergraduate and graduate students who care about the intersection of marketing and sustainability.  Learn more about the 4GreenPs internship program!